Understanding The Rajputana Dress : What And How To Wear

A Rajputana garment, whether worn by the bride, the husband, or members of the wedding party, embodies the cultural wealth, historical significance, and regal splendor of Rajasthan. These garments are as bright and detailed as they come.

When you hear the words “Rajput” or “Rajasthani,” which is the very first image that springs to mind? Do you want to sound wealthy, conventional, or extravagant? Sure, that’s the point—to exude regal elegance and a touch of the past, just as a Rajputana outfit would. And if you’re one among the many who has decided to dress one on the big day, you’ve come to the right spot! How to implement this design into your event and look great is discussed.

The colorful and elaborate clothing of Rajasthan is a perfect reflection of the state’s illustrious past and vibrant present. There are many key features that set Rajputana clothing apart from other types of Rajasthani clothing

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 Characteristics that Make a Rajputana Gown Special

  • Rajputana outfits are colorful and full of colors! There is no such thing as too flamboyant or too brilliant when it comes to traditional attire for the bride. This is something that makes it a favored costume style among the younger generations from diverse cultures, particularly for activities like Mehndi and Haldi ceremonies.
  • Another one that sets Rajputana dresses distinct from other dresses in the elaborate and vast embroidery done on every single item of apparel. Most items are crafted with delicate and exquisite zari work and Gota Patti work embroideries. Rich embroideries and ornamentations are also significant aspects. Addition of precious stones not only enriches the dress but also the entire appearance.
  • Rajputana clothes symbolize royalty and grandeur. These garments are made from rich, luxurious fabric. Brocade, velvet, etc. are popular textiles.

What and how to wear

Rajput  Brideswear

A Rajasthani bride wears the richest, most ornate attire. Rajputana brides traditionally wear a ghagra-choli with a wedding dupatta or odhni. Ghagras are flowy skirts worn with cholis. These outfits are carefully chosen.

How to wear

Slay in your ghagra choli like Deepika Padukone by adding Rajasthani jewelry. Put on an Aad necklace, Maang Tikka or Rakhri, a Bajuband, and a Nath.

Groomswear Inspired by Traditional Rajputana Attire

Traditional Rajput groom clothing is reminiscent of Rajas and Maharajas’ apparel. A Rajput man wears an Achkan or Sherwani, a long, jewel-encrusted coat. It’s worn with a tight salwar and matching juttis (royal shoes). A saffron turban finishes the look.

How to wear

Royalize your look with exquisite jewelry. A multilayered pearl necklace with a hefty kamarband. Add a Speech to your turban and a royal sword to finish.


 However the Rajasthani fashion, known for its vivid colors and ornate details, is an excellent representation of the state’s rich history and thriving present. To buy the most authentic and traditional Rajputana dresses, BAHURANI is the best shop located in the heart of Bhopal.

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